Jeremy's chocolate sandwich fails pre-schoolers' health tick test, Hilary's baked biscuit squeaks through

Seven Sharp host Jeremy Wells failed to get a health tick from a group of pre-schoolers' for a lunchbox he prepared that included a chocolate sandwich and a chip sandwich.

It's halfway through the school term and lunchbox fatigue has set in. Source: Seven Sharp

Half way through the school term, the programme reported "lunchbox fatigue" has set in for many parents wondering what to put in lunchboxes, what the healthier option is and how they can reduce food packet rubbish going into the environment.

Jeremy and co-host Hilary Barry went head-to-head to see who could create the best lunchbox. 

And who better to judge than a group of four-year-olds from Auckland's Anchorage Park Kindy.

While the youngsters knew Jeremy's sandwich fillings didn't pass the healthy test, they did say they'd eat the food in his box, which also included carrot, an apple, banana and a packet of raisins. Well most of it - they wouldn't go for his hummus.

His selections also got a tick for not hurting the environment with rubbish. So it was two ticks for Jeremy's lunchbox.

Hilary's box got three ticks from the kids - they'd eat her food, it was healthy and the packaging wouldn't produce lots of rubbish.

Hilary included a cheese sandwich, apple, carrot, yoghurt and a home baked biscuit.