Jeremy Wells gets Judith Collins to reveal tender side during spin in a boy racer car

Seven Sharp host Jeremy Wells took Judith Collins out for a spin to learn about her upcoming memoir, which is being released tomorrow.

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Wells picked up “Crusher Collins” in the most boy racer car he could find. Source: Seven Sharp

In Pull No Punches, the longtime National MP tells the story of a humble Waikato farm girl who became a fearless high flying minister whose dreams of leadership remain unrequited. 

Wells picked Ms Collins up in the most boy racer car he could find, testing her well known disdain for the vehicles which led to her getting the nickname "Crusher Collins" due to her calls to have offenders cars crushed by authorities.

The Seven Sharp co-host quizzed Ms Collins on her seeming affection for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, while also making an unexpected stop at a KFC drive-thru.

Watch the decidedly different political interview in the video above.