Jenny-May Clarkson says in her home, it's Māori Language Week, every week

TVNZ1’s Breakfast new reader, Jenny-May Clarkson says not knowing te reo made her feel there was "something missing".

It prompted her to take up classes, saying it’s a journey that just continues.

“I went and did a total immersion class because there was something missing for me not having my language," she says.

“The thing about learning any language – but for me with Te Reo Māori, it’s up, down, up down."

Clarkson said learning the language is a path “you never leave”.

“It’s Māori Language Week every week for me in my home and with my sons, I only speak Te Reo Māori with them because I want them to have what I never had – belonging, having their language and knowing who they are.

“Even though I knew that, it was the language that put the pieces all together,” she says.

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TVNZ1’s Breakfast presenter says learning the language has been an "amazing journey". Source: Breakfast