James Shaw 'really furious' female colleagues Marama Davidson and Golriz Ghahraman are subjected to threats online - 'I don't face that as a white male'

Green Party Co-Leader James Shaw has expressed his anger over online death and rape threats against his colleagues.

Mr Shaw said the threats were totally unacceptable. Source: Breakfast

This comes following Marama Davidson's use of the "C" word at a recent rally against racism, where she used examples of the words used against her online.

Ms Davidson tweeted in July that she had received "death threats towards me and my kids from supporters of those two who Goff refused to hire a venue to".

Mr Shaw told TVNZ 1's Q+A current affairs programme he was "really furious" that his colleagues are subjected to "constant sustained attack" from people making threats against them.

"I don't face that as a white male - certainly not nearly to the same extent," Mr Shaw said.

"Marama and Golriz [Ghahraman are under constant sustained attack ... I'm actually really furious."

Ms Ghahraman said in May she has also been subjected to threats online, including threats of sexual violence, and said social media networks like Facebook need to take more responsibility.

Ms Davidson says social responsibility has always been a core value of the Green Party.

It is an offence under the Harmful Digital Communications Act to send "threatening, intimidating or menacing" digital communications.