James Shaw: Greens will push electric cars, help farmers to become sustainable

Green Party Leader James Shaw says electric vehicles and improved public transport will be the most visible changes stemming from his party's place in the new government.

Mr shaw, speaking today to TVNZ 1's Q+A programme, said electric vehicles will be encouraged and will so be much more common on New Zealand roads.

Public transport will also be a priority, as will moving New Zealand towards "100% renewable energy generation", he said.

Mr Shaw also said that farmers will be supported - not persecuted - in the push to move towards sustainable, green farming practices.

"We've actually got to help farmers to make that transition," Mr Shaw said.

Many are still "heavily in debt", he said, at a "difficult time when the price of milk is still somewhat depressed".

A beaming James Shaw explains to Breakfast how it felt to watch Winston Peters pick Labour, not National. Source: Breakfast

Packages will be developed to help farmers transition to clean farming, but putting a cap on the number of dairy cows will not be considered, he said.

The Green Party leader says farmers will be supported in the transition, and cities will soon notice increased numbers of electric vehicles. Source: Q+A