Jacinda Ardern vows no new regional fuel taxes while she is Prime Minister

In a move that surprised even her colleagues, Jacinda Ardern today pleged there would be no other regional fuel taxes outside Auckland as long as she is Prime Minister. 

National Party leader Simon Bridges asked in Question Time, "has she or any of her Ministers discussed with any regional council other than Auckland the possibility of introducing a regional fuel tax?"

Auckland's regional fuel tax was implemented on July 1. 

Ms Ardern said despite a number of councils asking for a regional fuel tax, it had been ruled out.

"Why does the Government's regional fuel tax legislation enable other councils to bid for a regional fuel tax from 2021 onwards?" Mr Bridges asked.

Ms Ardern then said, "I can give this guarantee to this House and to consumers, there will be no other regional fuel taxes while I'm Prime Minister, which at the moment feels like it might be for a while".

Associate Minister of Transport Shane Jones was then questioned about Ms Ardern's pledge. 

"When did he, as Minister of Transport, know about this change of policy?" National's Paul Goldsmith asked. 

"When the Prime Minister stood up," Mr Jones said. 

Speaker Trevor Mallard then warned the House over "seal-like behaviour".

"Just try a little bit of dignity," he said.