Jacinda Ardern slams National's cheeky tax ad as 'scaremongering', calls them 'liars'




National has launched an all-out tax attack against Labour, boosted by yesterday's poll and believing it's finally getting the upper hand in the election campaign.

The ad campaign is a play on Labour's campaign theme: "Let’s do this".
Source: NZNATS/Facebook

It has just released a video using the slogan: "Let's tax this" - a play on Labour's campaign theme "Let's do this".

The video will soon be running on TV and online with the message that a Labour government could impose at least six new taxes which would stall the economy.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has quickly hit back at the upcoming ad today, describing it as "scaremongering" and labeling National as "desperate liars" over their campaign.

"I will run an open and relentlessly positive campaign but they need to start running an honest one," Ms Ardern said.

However, in launching the video, ad campaign manager Finance spokesperson Steven Joyce praised New Zealand's existing tax system.

"New Zealand currently has a broad-based, fair tax system," Mr Joyce said.

"We simply don't need to impose a capital gains tax, land tax, regional fuel tax, extra income tax, water tax or an inheritance tax."

Labour has said it will set up a tax working group if it wins the election and then decide which of its recommendations to implement.

Ms Ardern has said a capital gains tax wouldn't include the family home or the land it's on.

She has also said Labour won't increase income tax.

A Newshub Reid Research poll released last night carried a shock result - National had gained four points to 47.3 per cent while Labour had slipped to 37.8 per cent.

It's being interpreted as an indication voters are starting to think about Labour's policies rather than its new leader, and are becoming concerned about unspecified taxes that could be implemented if there's a change of government.

Previous 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton polls have shown Labour in the lead.

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