Jacinda Ardern says 'sorry to the Uighurs' in Spitting Image sketch calling out China's human rights record

Jacinda Ardern has been portrayed singing about turning a "blind-eye" to China's human rights record in the latest sketch from Spitting Image.

The satirical skit, which aired in the UK over the weekend, shows the Prime Minister at a trade summit with China's leader Xi Jinping and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Xi tells Ardern he is looking forward to a "prosperous trade deal with no questions asked".

Morrison then dumps a bag of coal on the table stating, "we are just happy to be selling our clean coal".

Ardern's puppet - once again dressed as Mary Poppins - then bursts into song with Morrison joining in for the last stanza.

"Jinping and me, Jinping and me, we'll do the deal, who cares how the people in Hong Kong might feel," she sings.

"Jinping and me, Jinping and me, what won't he buy? So sorry to the Uighurs, we turned a blind eye," Ardern and Morrison sing in unison.

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The skit is in reference to a recent trade deal between the nations at the ASEAN summit earlier this month.