Jacinda Ardern says she will visit Ihumātao but doesn't know when

Jacinda Ardern has confirmed she will visit Ihumātao – she just doesn’t know when.

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At petition was delivered calling for the Prime Minister to visit the disputed Auckland site.

In response to claims Tainui may look at buying the disputed South Auckland land, the Prime Minister said it was just speculation.

"Talks are very active and live, but everything is speculative until those talks are concluded," she said.

Ms Ardern didn’t want to estimate when the talks, led by Kingitanga, would conclude.

"I want to leave Kingitanga the space to finalise those talks.

"That’s why I’ve held off visiting, I want to give that process the time it needs, I don’t want to create any distraction around that because that’s the thing that will give us resolution and that’s what everyone wants.

"I will, I have never ruled out visiting, for me it’s just all about making sure I respect the process that’s underway, that’s being led by Kingitanga, I will visit Ihumātao, that’s no question for me, it’s just a matter of timing," Ms Ardern said.

Protestors at Ihumātao oppose a proposed housing development by Fletchers on the land. The land is considered sacred to Māori.