Jacinda Ardern says 'relentless positivity' will be the 'personal stamp' of her campaign

In her first press conference as the new Labour leader, Jacinda Ardern has said the "personal stamp" of her campaign will be "relentless positivity".

The new Labour leader says the party is "determined and steadfast" in the wake of poor polling and Andrew Little stepping down as leader. Source: 1 NEWS

With the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll showing the Labour Party at only a 24 per cent approval rating, its lowest level in over 20 years, such a positive outlook is a necessary one.

"You'll see that I'll bring a different stamp to the campaign," Ms Arden said.

The 37-year-old says she is a young "proposition" for the party leadership but she's "up to the job". Source: 1 NEWS

"We certainly have policy ideas out there already that I think answer some of the big issues facing New Zealand, around health, housing and education.

"But alongside that you'll see my personal stamp of the campaign - relentless positivity will be amongst it and also a really clear vision for New Zealand."

But Ms Arden did not indicate she had any substantial policy changes in mind at this early stage.

"I don't imagine that anyone here expects me, in the short time that I've had, to present policy ideas immediately," she said.

"I'm going to use the next 72 hours to take stock, but there will be a few different ideas that I'll be talking with the team about." 

The former party leader says they had a good discussion on what needed to be done before he made the decision to step down. Source: 1 NEWS

In response to Arden's 2015 comments that she did not want the job of Labour leader, she was open about her honesty at the time.

"I know, hand on heart, that every single member of this gallery knows that I said that in a very genuine way," Ms Arden, 37, said

"These are extraordinary circumstances. I've been asked to take on this challenge, I have accepted. 

"Granted I am a young proposition for the party, but this team has worked alongside me for nine years, they have faith in me, and I absolutely believe I am up to the job."