Jacinda Ardern says National attack ad accused of 'mansplaining' is straight from '1970s era'

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says a new attack ad from National that has been accused of sexism is straight from the "1970s era".

The video depicts a man explaining to a woman in simple terms how Labour's KiwiBuild scheme has missed targets.

Some people have criticised the ad as "patronising" towards women, outdated and an "embarrassingly awkward" example of "mansplaining".

Ms Ardern was asked about her thoughts on the advert during a press conference from the scene of the Tasman fires today.

"I have to say as a Government we are building more houses than any government has built since the 1970s, which I have to say feels roughly about the era of that ad," she said.

A reporter then asked if she thought women need men to explain Government policy to them?

"I think if people see the ad they can make their own judgement on it," the Prime Minister replied.

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    The Party’s Deputy Leader says people are looking for something to get upset about. Source: 1 NEWS

    National’s Deputy Leader, Paula Bennett, defended the ad.

    "It’s great. It uses a bit of humour to actually get the point across that this is a government that’s failing," she told reporters today.

    "It could have been a man, it could have been a woman. I don’t think it’s about gender".

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      Some have accused the advert of being sexist and using 'mansplaining' to get its message across. Source: 1 NEWS

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