Jacinda Ardern says moving Australia's Israeli embassy to Jerusalem won't help peace talks in the region

The shifting of Australia's Israel embassy to Jerusalem would not help peace talks in the region, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed he's considering following United States President Donald Trump's lead by relocating Australia's embassy from Tel Aviv.

His New Zealand counterpart, Jacinda Ardern, told reporters today that while she was waiting for official confirmation of the proposed move and couldn't comment directly, any such move was not helpful for talks in the region.

"We support a two-state solution and our view has been that any shift in representation, in the way we saw with the United States, does not move us closer to that peaceful resolution," she said.

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    The vast majority of countries voted against Donald Trump's move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, NZ included. Source: 1 NEWS

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      President Trump has threatened to cut aid to countries if they vote to condemn the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Source: 1 NEWS

      Ms Ardern was earlier this year critical of the US move, describing it as a step backwards for peace.

      It comes after the US recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
      Source: 1 NEWS