Jacinda Ardern says Auckland owed a 'debt of gratitude'

Jacinda Ardern says Auckland is owed a ‘debt of gratitude’, as the region eyes another week in lockdown.

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Auckland’s Level 4 lockdown has been extended for another week as the battle against Delta continues. Source: 1 NEWS

Following a meeting with Cabinet, the Prime Minister on Monday afternoon announced Auckland would remain in Level 4 until 11.59pm next Tuesday, September 21.

She credited the hard work of Aucklanders as the reason the rest of the country was safe.

“We owe you a debt of gratitude,” said Ardern.

“I hope you know and feel that huge appreciation that we have for you and the hard work that you’re putting in right now.”

Ardern said that while there was still an outbreak in Auckland that continued to produce cases, there was still risk.

“The next week will be critical in providing us with the additional assurance we need.

Auckland to remain in Alert Level 4 for another week

She also urged Aucklanders to stick to lockdown rules.

“Please stick to your bubble. Four weeks into a lockdown it might feel tempting to open up, catch up with a friend, merge households. Please treat everyday in lockdown as seriously as you treated day one.

“Stay home as much as possible. Try and reduce risk by having just one person from your household go to the shop or supermarket and if you can make it the same person every time. If that person is vaccinated, even better.

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Jacinda Ardern says Level 4 is the best tool against Delta. Source: 1 NEWS

“Get tested, even if you have the mildest symptoms.”

Auckland has been in full lockdown for 26 days so far.

Cabinet will meet to review the alert level settings next Monday, September 20.

The rest of New Zealand remains at Level 2 for the next week, the same time as Auckland will remain in Level 4.