Jacinda Ardern politely declines Russell Crowe's invitation to serve as Australia's PM, too

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has responded to a viral tweet from movie star Russell Crowe suggesting she should be recruited to lead Australia as well as New Zealand.

"No," she said with a laugh on TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning before referring to the unusually high turnover rate of Australian prime ministers. "The politics over there is brutal. We at least stick with one PM at a time, which I'm quite grateful for."

Crowe responded on Sunday to a cheeky tweet made by Australian journalist Jonathan Green, who posted a video of Ms Ardern's United Nations speech and claimed her as the "Prime Minister of Australia" in honour of the "pavlova/Russell Crowe tradition".

Crowe, who was born in New Zealand but has spent most of his life in Australia, seemed pleased to be mentioned in the Prime Minister's company.

"Look... just accept it... she's awesome," he responded on Twitter. "Is it time to make Australia and New Zealand into one country with @jacindaardern as PM ? Not trying to be controversial ... just practical."

On Breakfast today, Ms Ardern praised host Daniel Faitaua for describing Crowe as a "Kiwi actor".

"I thought it was quite a hilarious string of exchanges," she said of the tweets. "It brought up all of the old banter about pavlovas and Crowded House."

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    “The politics over there is brutal,” she said this morning as she shared a hearty laugh with Breakfast’s hosts. Source: Breakfast