Jacinda Ardern pleads with young Kiwis to take coronavirus lockdown seriously

Jacinda Ardern has again pleaded with young people to take the Covid-19 lockdown seriously amid reports Marist College students hadn’t self-isolated properly despite a coronavirus outbreak at the Auckland school.

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The PM doesn't want to see scenes like the crowded Bondi Beach in Australia. Source: 1 NEWS

The Prime Minister also warned Kiwis not to congregate on beaches during the coronavirus lockdown, saying she didn’t want to see scenes like the crowded Bondi Beach in Australia recently.

Ms Ardern was asked today about reports that Marist College students were not self-isolating properly.

"They need to make sure they aren't a chain of transmission to someone vulnerable.

"This is a plea to them to take it seriously. If they commune with one another they're putting at risk their grandparents and other’s grandparents and people that they love."

Her comments come as nine teachers, the principal and six students at Marist College have so far been confirmed as having Covid-19.

Ms Ardern was also asked about Kiwis travelling some distance to go to the beach.

"There is some discussion around people going to beaches and so on, I understand if there is a beach on your doorstep you may choose to walk up and down it like you would your own street but congregation we cannot have, I don't want to see the scenes of Bondi Beach repeated in New Zealand," she said.

Ms Ardern said people congregating at beaches and parks poses "huge risk" and people just shouldn't do it.

She also reiterated the message not to drive too far from home as if you have a break down or another emergency it puts others that need to help you at risk.