Jacinda Ardern to open 30 temporary housing units today in South Auckland

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will open new temporary housing in Mangere for in-need Auckland families today to coincide with World Homeless Day

Source: 1 NEWS

The 30 two-bedroom units in Mangere, which will accommodate families who need further assistance to find affordable rental homes, were built by the Monte Cecilia Housing Trust.

Families will be able to live in the units for up to three months while the trust works with them to find somewhere long-term to call home, Monte Cecilia chief executive Bernie Smith said.

Mr Smith said there was a huge need for affordable housing in Auckland with 11 families already having moved and many more inquiring with Monte Cecilia for availability.

“Many of the families that come to us are working really hard on minimum wage and with lots of commitments," Mr Smith said. "Sometimes they have big debts, and they haven’t been able to get a rental despite trying for a long time. They really need a hand.

“Once they’re living in these units we’ll be able to give them some practical assistance to help them out of the crisis situation they’re in.

“When that happens, in our experience we usually see dramatic improvements in a family’s wellbeing as they’re put in touch with the health and social services they’ve often been missing out on.”