Jacinda Ardern invites her old high school teacher to PM swearing-in ceremony

Jacinda Ardern has invited one of her former high school teachers to the ceremony tomorrow when she will be sworn in as Prime Minister. 

Ministers are allowed to bring two people, however, Ms Ardern has been allocated five seats for the ceremony at Government House in Wellington.

"So my father will be joining me, my partner and my old high school teacher," she told Breakfast today.

Our PM-elect is allowed to invite five people, one of whom will be Gregor Fountain. Source: Breakfast

"I really credit my teachers in my life as playing a big role in where I am so it'll be lovely to have him join me."

Gregor Fountain, the now-principal of Paraparaumu College, taught Ms Ardern social studies at Morrinsville College. 

Ms Ardern previously told Noted he had a memorable teaching approach.

"I think you remember these moments in education when you transition from just finding out information to finding out how to think, and he was my teacher when I found out how to think," she said.

"That was an incredibly important period."

Ms Ardern told TVNZ1's Breakfast that Mr Fountain was a "wonderful teacher".

Our Political Editor analyses the content revealed yesterday by Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters. Source: Breakfast

She will be announcing the portfolio positions today. 

Under the coalition agreement she signed with New Zealand First yesterday, that party has four ministerial postings inside cabinet and a parliamentary undersecretary.

The portfolios are foreign affairs, infrastructure, regional economic development, internal affairs, seniors, defence, veterans' affairs, children, forestry, state owned enterprises, racing, associate finance and associate education.

NZ First leader Winston Peters will be Deputy Prime Minister.

The Green Party will have three ministers outside Cabinet under their support agreement with Labour.

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