Jacinda Ardern was an inspiration in her handling of Christchurch terror attacks – Peter FitzSimons

Australian journalist Peter FitzSimons has praised Jacinda Ardern in an opinion piece on her handling of the Christchurch terrorist attack and said she has been "deeply admired" by much of Australia. 

Today on TVNZ1's Breakfast FitzSimons spoke about this piece originally published in The Sydney Morning Herald on March 17.

"Your Prime Minister stands out internationally as a leader to inspire people around the world," he told Breakfast.

He said Ms Ardern's actions weren't seeking political advantage but her focus was on inclusiveness and diversity.

Speaking about Ms Ardern's speech on the day of the terror attack FitzSimons said: "Australia thought her poise, her steely resolve and most importantly her language of inclusiveness and diversity was admirable," he said.

"There was nothing in her press conference afterwards and her actions since that was anything seeking any political advantage, anything to divide people it was all about, this is not New Zealand and the line, 'they are us', I thought it was just a magnificent speech.”

FitzSimons said not just Jacinda Ardern but the whole of New Zealand has been admired by Australia over how the nation's dealt with the tragedy.

"Just the way she and New Zealand have handled this has just been deeply admired by many Australians and a lot of us wish we could have not just with our Prime Ministers but our leaders have that kind of inclusive, diverse, binding, uniting language.”

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The Australian journalist said ,“your Prime Minister stands out internationally as a leader to inspire people around the world.” Source: Breakfast