Jacinda Ardern 'incredibly heartened' by 250k of donations to Labour since she became leader




Labour has reported a massive surge in donations, with $250,000 coming in since Jacinda Ardern took over leadership of the party yesterday morning.

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In what is perhaps the first glimpse into how popular Ms Ardern will be as a leader, the amounts flooding in are certainly heartening to the newly appointed leader.

Labour's General Secretary says $250,000 dollars has flooded in overnight.
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"I'm incredibly heartened by it," she told reporters today.

"I'm genuinely overwhelmed, I feel a huge sense of responsibility because this is people reaching into their back pockets and giving their hard-earned cash to what we are fighting for and to support us."

Labour's General Secretary Andrew Kirton has also been blown away by the support.

"I've never seen anything like it, in terms of the money and the volunteers," Mr Kirton told 1 NEWS' Andrea Vance today.

A leadership expert says the new Labour leader should be celebrated for her achievements.
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"From the minute she took over we have seen a significant increase in donations, at one point it was over $700 a minute."

Before the leadership change Mr Kirton said Labour were not looking like making their monthly target.

Now he says they may have to review that target upwards.

During her first full day in charge Ms Ardern has been fielding questions on babies and family responsibilities.

Speaking to Hillary Barry on TVNZ1's Breakfast today, Ms Ardern was asked her opinion of the fairness of being questioned over how she might juggle having a family with her leadership role.

Our political editor says Ms Ardern's opening press conference was a positive sign for the Labour Party.
Source: Breakfast

"On that particular issue, I made a personal decision to be open about those issues and to talk about them because I saw women in all walks of life having to struggle with those same things, and I thought maybe there's some benefit to deciding that I was going to be open about it," Ms Ardern said.

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