Jacinda Ardern encourages Kiwis to go 'about their daily lives' in wake of first coronavirus case

"If you need a bottle of milk, go to the supermarket. If you don’t, don’t."

That was the word from Jacinda Ardern as many of Auckland's supermarket's descended into chaos this morning, with people trying to stock up on supplies following yesterday's confirmed coronavirus case in the city. 

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The Prime Minister fronted media while visiting Healthline today. Source: 1 NEWS

The Prime Minister is reassuring Kiwis to conduct business as usual after yesterday’s announcement.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told media during a visit to Healthline today, that the Government has been prepared for weeks for a potential outbreak on New Zealand shores and the public need not be worried. 

“Everything we expect to be happening, is happening and the public should be going about their daily lives," said Ms Ardern.

Chaos at Auckland supermarkets as shoppers stock up amid coronavirus fears

She said the first person to contract the virus, a patient in his 60s, is being treated in Auckland City Hospital, where his condition is stable and improving “quite rapidly.”

Contact tracing has been carried out for passengers sitting in the two rows behind and two rows in front of the infected passenger as per international guidelines.

The passenger had travelled on Emirates flight EK-450 from Iran which arrived in Auckland on Wednesday 26 February.  

First case of coronavirus confirmed in New Zealand

Describing the process as "textbook" Ms Ardern saidthe infected passenger had followed the guidelines from the Ministry of Health by contacting Healthline first, allowing hospital to be prepared for their arrival.

Healthline has also followed up with other passengers on the flight for additional reassurance but says passengers beyond those rows “have no need for concern.”

Staff from the flight have also been contacted.

Were you on Emirates flight EK450 that arrived in Auckland on February 26? Email