Jacinda Ardern desperate to work with NZ's vulnerable children, but says it's 'unwise' to be involved with individual cases

Jacinda Ardern has reveled she intends to have a role where she can help New Zealand's vulnerable youngsters, but it would be "unwise" of her to work with individual child cases dealt with by the Ministry of Vulnerable Children.

"I'll be working through how I can make sure I fulfill my desire to be closely involved with my passion," Ms Ardern said.  

"One of the reasons I came into politics was balancing the need to make sure that the operational side of that portfolio is dealt with appropriately."

The PM-elect also indicated that one of her specific focuses working within the Cabinet was to fix the gender pay gap.

"I have great ambition as a woman, and as Prime Minister-elect that we will make great gains as a government in issues like equal pay," she said.

"Making sure we are supporting women in the roles that they choose to take, be that in work or in carer roles. That will be at the heart of what we do.

"It may well not be that that role is inside Cabinet but it will be held by someone who is passionate for the work that they will do and I will hold it close to my heart as well."

Ms Ardern said she would hold ministerial positions, but would not explicitly reveal what they would be.

Sixteen Labour MPs will take positions within Cabinet, with a further five sitting outside. Source: 1 NEWS

However, she was quite clear they would relate to her existing roles around the arts and culture, and children's portfolios, and the PM's traditions handling of intelligence issues.  

She won't, however, take up a position that will interfere with individual cases being dealt with by CYF. Source: 1 NEWS