'I've got a bad taste in my mouth' - Kiwis furious about Cadbury's Dunedin closure, threatening to boycott




Following the shock of Cadbury announcing the pending closure of their Dunedin plant, thousands of Kiwis say they'd never buy signature Kiwi sweets made in Australia.

After 80 years in operation manufacturing is set to move to Australia.
Source: 1 NEWS

From next year some of New Zealand's most quintessential sweet products will be made in Melbourne, including Pineapple Lumps and Jaffas.

The union representing workers at Cadbury's Dunedin chocolate plant say the company's decision to close the factory has sent shock waves through the city.

Kiwis from all over the country don't seem too happy with the move either as 1 NEWS NOW found out.

In an unofficial poll, 3,648 1 NEWS readers said they would not purchase Pineapple Lumps or Jaffas made in Australia.

The closure of Dunedin’s Cadbury factory means all products unique to NZ will be made in Melbourne.
Source: 1 NEWS

Only 496 people suggested they would still purchase the sweets despite production moving to Australia.

Hundreds commented on social media expressing more concern over the loss of jobs to New Zealanders than the production of sweets.

"Loss of jobs and an iconic factory/business is really sad for NZ, I've got a bad taste in my mouth, I won't be buying Cadburys anymore," wrote one reader.

Another said she is "boycotting all Cadbury products" following the news, while others said they'll switch to competitor Whittackers.

The union said Cadbury is Dunedin's fourth biggest employer and when operations stop in March 360 workers will lose their jobs.

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