'I've decided that is enough' - Auckland mayor Len Brown to stand down next year

Len Brown will not run for mayor of Auckland at next year's local elections.

He made the announcement this morning on TVNZ's Q&A.

Mr Brown said it has been an extraordinary challenge but also brilliant.

"I've been very humbled to be mayor of the first united Auckland."

But Mr Brown says in democracy "you've got to keep leadership fresh".

The Supercity mayor announced today that he won’t be seeking nomination for the next elections, after nine years in the top job. Source: 1 NEWS

"After what I believe has been an excellent transition for the Super City I've decided that is enough."

Mr Brown said there is still a lot to do in the next year but he wanted to put an end to the chat and speculation about his plans.

Mr Brown was elected as the first mayor of the amalgamated Super City in October 2010 and was re-elected in 2013.

He had previously served as Mayor of Manukau City.

Married to Shan Inglis, soon after the 2013 election stories emerged about an extra-marital affair Mr Brown had with Bevan Chuang who served on an Auckland Council advisory board.

As Mayor of Auckland, Brown has pushed strongly for a City Rail Link and the Government has agreed to financially support construction of the project from 2020.

The Auckland mayor announced on Q+A he won't be running in next year's election. Source: Q+A

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