'It's very nasty' - Kiwis share experiences and rally behind teen in hospital with toxic shock syndrome

Kiwis are rallying around a teenager who ended up in hospital with toxic shock syndrome, after her mother posted the dangers on Facebook, spurring warnings over the use of tampons. 

Chloe Jordan was admitted to hospital after she became ill over the weekend with acute kidney failure and was admitted to ICU.

Waikato DHB told 1 NEWS Chloe is now in a stable condition. 

"It was really scary," Chloe's mother Jessica Jordan said. "They thought she might have meningitis or scarlet fever and then they realised quickly that she had toxic shock syndrome."

Toxic shock syndrome is an infection which is caused by toxins released by bacteria Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pyogenes.

Ms Jordan says doctors believe after many tests the infection was caused by tampons which her daughter was using while on her period.

The story of Chloe's ordeal was posted on the 1 NEWS Facebook page, where many readers shared stories of similar experiences. 

Anjeleka Garnett said: "Jessica - I'm pleased your daughter is on the mend and has made the progression to a ward environment! No doubt this had a huge impact on her! Take care, God Bless."

Deb Auckram wrote: "My thoughts are with this young lady, it's very nasty, I got a mild case (it didn't feel mild at the time) 10 years ago and have never been able to use them since."

Kyleigh Welch said: "Thanks for sharing Chloe's story Jessica Jordan, scary stuff- more girls need to be aware!"

Many users suggested the use of menstrual cups instead of tampons, and others advocated for stringent use of tampons in terms of hygiene and length of time left in. 

Ms Jordan updated Chloe's condition and thanked concerned Facebook users for their support. 

"Thanks everyone, she is recovering well and in a ward now, but will be in there for a few days yet."

Ms Jordan said toxic shock syndrome can still occur if the tampon is not left in for a long time.

"Strict hygiene and it can still happen." 

Toxic shock syndrome caused by tampon use is said to be rare in New Zealand.

Chloe Jordan was admitted to hospital after she became violently ill while on her period. Source: 1 NEWS