'It's my little bit to give back' - South Aucklander restoring broken, old bikes for community

If you're not into biking, chances are you were once and may have an old bike lying around. If you're not using it, there's one man keen to get his hands on it.

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Scott Tulua runs S Double S services, a non-profit fixing up bikes for Otara families to enjoy. Source: Breakfast

South Aucklander Scott Tulua runs a non-profit which refurbishes old bikes for his community to enjoy.

S Double S services, which stands for Serving South Side, was set up to restore unused or broken bikes and give them either back to their owners or to new owners so they can ride, get fitter and healthier, and develop a love for cycling even if they can't afford a bike.

"It's one of my hats that I wear at the moment in this community," he told Breakfast this morning.

"It started when I was given the opportunity to fix bikes and then I saw the faces of the kids that we were giving the bikes to and I thought 'oh man, I've got to keep doing this'."

He's got donated bikes, sometimes in "bits and pieces", coming from all over Auckland.

"I put them together then I just give them back to the community, donate them back to the community," Tulua said.

"I feel it's my little bit to give back to the community, my part in helping the world basically.

"Why not use my skills in serving the community?"

However, it's not only for youngsters to enjoy.

Tulua said through his work he's also ignited the passion of riding in adults, some of which haven't been on a bike in years but are now able to get out with their children.

"They love the feeling and riding with their kids now, it's an even better feeling," he said.

But Tulua also gets joy out of riding himself.

"It feels like I'm young again, takes me back to the old days."

Information on how to donate to S Double S Services is on their Facebook page.