'It's like a war scene' – Kiwi helps lift van off victim of London mosque attack

An Aucklander in London has told of seeing a van driver being grabbed and "pummelled" by other men after a van struck pedestrians near a mosque in north London.

Police say the van caused several casualties and one person has been arrested. 

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New Zealander Chris Norris, who lives 100 metres away from the scene near the Finsbury Park mosque, has told 1 NEWS he was sitting outside with his girlfriend when they heard screaming then a "horrific bang".

"So I jumped up and I looked down the road and I saw a van. There was two guys that got out of the van and ran down the road towards where the main road was."

Mr Norris said another man, the driver of the van, ran toward a gate, "realised it was a dead end then got caught by a couple of guys who were right next to where it happened".

"They beat him as soon as they caught him. So that's kind of the scenario I was presented straight away, was them grabbing the guy and just pummelling him to the ground really and then just continued to kick him and stuff."

Mr Norrris said the men from the van were "all white guys". 

"I think it was an anti-Muslim attack and the reason I say attack is the van was a rental van and... our street doesn't look like a normal road street and it's not something that you would drive 60km/h into.

"And the way the van was positioned it looked like it had driven straight down the centre. 

There was definitely a guy who was dead straight in the road - New Zealander Chris Norris

"And it's right outside the mosque. Because it's right next to the mosque I think they were probably waiting for a chance to do it because it's Ramadan at the moment, it's prime time and they knew that they could probably try to get away with an attack then."

Mr Norris said, "there was definitely a guy who was dead straight in the road and another still trapped under the van.

"And so what me and 20 other guys pursued to do was lift the van off the guy's leg so we could drag his leg out. But he was like bleeding from his ears and stuff as well, so he was really messed up," he said.

"It's horrific, it's like a war scene. You know when you hear about all this stuff happening you kind of detach yourself even though you know it's horrible. But when it happens in front of you it's just kind of like a different story, you know. It's the sense of panic, you really feel it."

Norris helped the victims after a van with three men drove into a crowd outside a mosque. Source: 1 NEWS