'It's just mental clutter' - Digital Detox Day sees hundreds of Kiwis switch off their phones

The Kalsy family of Wellington spent the morning of Digital Detox Day doing one of the things they enjoy most; cooking and having breakfast together.

The idea is that instead of chasing Likes and retweets, we focus on living our lives and being more in the moment. Source: 1 NEWS

But today, they've done it without the distraction of their phones.

Jacinta and Sandip Kalsy say it's about being present and spending quality time with their two-year-old, Akaash.

Jacinta Kalsy admitted constantly checking her phone simply becomes a habit.

"I think it's just so easy to do the scroll thing as well… it's so easy, it's just mental clutter, you know?" Ms Kalsy said.

They are just one of the many New Zealanders who put away their phones today as part of the first official Digital Detox Day.

Organiser of New Zealand Digital Detox Day, Doug Moores, organised the day to try to raise awareness about how technology impacts us.

"It's about creating awareness around our use of devices and how it affects your mental health," Mr Moores told 1 NEWS.

He's been raising awareness by starting a Facebook page, visiting schools to talk about digital detoxing and now has the support of local businesses and even social media star Art Green.

Mr Moores said he's guilty of being addicted to his phone, but said he would spend today doing what he loves and spending quality time with friends and family.