'It's just all so frustrating' - Kaikohe grandma turns in grandson after video emerges of mob attack




A grandmother has apparently dobbed in her grandson after recognising him in footage of a mob of Kaikohe youths viciously attacking a Northland service station. 

The Northern Advocate reported she had no problem coming forward and naming one of her grandchildren who was "doing wrong". 

She posted on Facebook, "I get that people are getting really angry and upset about what these young boys are doing and have had enough. So have we."

"Don't think we as grandparents don't give a hoot. We've tried helping him and it was thrown back in our faces."

"What do you do when your grandson doesn't want help, doesn't appreciate what's given to him? Don't worry, I've wanted to kick his backside on many occasions but they pull that card, 'I'll ring the cops'. It's just all so frustrating."

The group of teens aged between 14-16 took boxes of beer from a Kaikohe liquor store on St Patrick's Day, then at 1am Saturday a gang of about 20 attacked the doors of a Mobil service station, attempting to break-in.

Tony Taylor of Kaikohe Community Watch is calling for an enforced curfew for young people in the area, and said it needed more police to deal with the issues in the area. 

Mid-Far North Area Commander inspector Alan Symonds said Northland police have been "busy managing a number of investigations this year".

"This has been recognised and additional investigative staff have been added to the Northland Police District staffing for the 2016/17 year," he said.

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