'It's in crisis' - principal desperate as housing costs force teachers to leave Auckland




One of the lesser-known negative side-effects of the continuous rise in Auckland's housing market is an under supply of certain professionals as they move away from the city.

Teachers and principals are grappling with housing costs in our biggest city.
Source: Seven Sharp

One of the worst hit professions is teaching.

New statistics show more than two thirds of primary and intermediate teachers living in Auckland are considering leaving because of the cost of living.

One recent graduate to the profession who knows this first hand is Laura Pearton who works at Pasadena Intermediate.

"I was at university for three years, I was broke. I got into teaching, I'm still broke," Ms Pearton says.

Ms Pearton first moved to Warkworth, north of Auckland, when she took her first teaching job because of its cheap rent, but is was an hour commute.

Moving closer to the city for a period proved unaffordable, and she is now living back at home.

Pasadena Intermediate School principal Jonathon Hughes has one word to describe the situation.

"It's in crisis, I mean to get teachers these days is really tough," Mr Hughes said.

"Every time a teacher leaves, usually to work outside of Auckland where they can afford to live, you sort of hold your breath hoping some people are going to apply."

And teacher's aren't the only people struggling.

The Police Association says the issue of affordability in Auckland is regularly raised to them.

And the Nurses Association has also reported it struggles to fill jobs in Auckland because of the high cost of living.

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