'It's happening in every school around the country' - Auckland principal slams Bill English's claim there's no teacher shortage

Despite extensive education campaign promises by political parties, many say they are missing the obvious problems in the sector.

Eighty-four per cent of Auckland principals say the teacher shortage is so bad, it'll be even harder to fill jobs next year. 

A new survey by the PPTA showed over half of principals across the country say their teachers are having to teach outside their subject qualifications. 

Pakuranga College Principal Mike Williams said on TVNZ 1's Breakfast this morning said the "only real concern" of the survey was that no-one was taking it seriously. 

Mr Williams described Bill English's earlier comments that there was no teacher crisis, as "very disappointing". 

The PPTA survey also revealed half of principals nationwide have staff teaching outside their area of expertise. Source: 1 NEWS

"One of the biggest difficulties with the teacher crisis is, no principal will come out and tell their community, 'I can't get a teacher for your class'."

"But it's happening in every school around the country."

The survey found almost a quarter of schools have had to drop subjects from the school's curriculum due to the lack of staff.

Science and maths teachers are particularly hard to find. 

National's education spokesperson Nikki Kaye told Breakfast today there were shortages in certain areas, but the issue wasn't widepread. 

The National Party leader denied that there won't be enough teachers to implement his ambitious new $379 million education package. Source: Breakfast

Mike Williams of Pakuranga College says he was astounded to hear the comments last week. Source: Breakfast