'It's devastation' - Jet boat federations from around the world send condolences after fatality

Racing is set to resume in the World Championship Jet Boat Marathon at Rakaia today following Sunday's fatal accident on the Waimakariri River.

Duayne Insley, 47, was navigating with his best mate Dwayne Terry at the wheel when it's believed their boat collided with a log jutting out of the river bank, in a braided section of the river.

Racing was cancelled yesterday and instead competitors took to the water in Rakaia to gauge river conditions for the next stage of the competition.

"It's very tough and that's one of the reasons we are not racing today. The guys are out doing a bit of boating, trying to clear their heads. It is a dangerous sport we do and we're all aware of that," John Derry of the River Racing Association told 1 NEWS yesterday.

Mr Terry escaped injury, but is distraught about what happened.

"He's struggling and we're all there for him and doing the best we can to help him and everyone else get through this," Mr Derry said.

Racing is set to resume at Rakaia again today, with the competition due to finish on Saturday.

The final race is in a body of water called the Dart in Glenorchy which is also the home town of Mr Insley.

Forty-five teams from four countries are competing in the marathon.

Duayne Insley and Dwayne Terry were known for their love of the sport and were the most experienced racers in their class.

"It's devastation. And it's not just here in New Zealand. We've had calls from the president of the Mexican federation, from Canada, from the USA to express their condolences," said Paul Mullan of the River Racing Association.

Police are still investigating the accident. 

Mr Insley leaves behind a wife. The pair owned a high country horse trekking business together.

He was also a well-loved part of the local community which is still coming to terms with his loss.

Duayne Insley died during the World Jetboat Marathon Championships on the Waimakariri River on Sunday. Source: 1 NEWS