'It's Business Time' - Rocket Lab shipping Electron satellite launch vehicle to NZ




Rocket Lab are not resting on their fuel-injected laurels.

The aerospace world has spent the last 24 hours digesting New Zealand's entry into the space race.
Source: 1 NEWS

The American launch provider, based on the Mahia Peninsula on the east coast of the North Island, confirmed today that an Electron satellite launch vehicle was being shipped to New Zealand in coming weeks, which would have payload on it.

On Twitter, Rocket Lab founder and CEO Peter Beck says the launch will be called "It's Business Time".

The flight's name was put to a vote on social media, with "It's Business Time" coming out as a clear fan favourite and a continuation of the company's previous flight names, "It's a Test" (2017) and "Still Testing" (January this year).

The Humanity Star is the brainchild of Peter Beck, Rocket Lab's Kiwi boss, but not all are impressed.
Source: 1 NEWS

Two Lemur-2 cubesats for launch customer Spire Global will be on board the upcoming launch, with the full manifest to be confirmed in coming weeks.

"We always set out to test a launch vehicle that was as close to production-ready as possible," Mr Beck said.

"To complete a test program so quickly and be flying commercial customers is a great feeling. It's business time."

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