'It's been almost euphoric' – Greens candidate Golriz Ghahraman poised to become NZ's first refugee MP




Green Party candidate Golriz Ghahraman says she's "excited" to find out the result of the special votes once they are announced tomorrow.

Golriz Ghahraman says she doesn’t feel nervous about tomorrow’s result because the pressure of the campaign has been lifted.
Source: 1 NEWS

The Green Party candidate could be joining her party in parliament once the over 384,000 votes are finally revealed.

"I've gone through the full range of emotions and I think I'm settled on excitement now," she told 1 NEWS.

Only 1.3 per cent of the general Green vote is needed for Ms Ghahraman to enter parliament taking the total of Green MPs to eight.

She will be also be New Zealand's first refugee MP.

Despite predictions of her high chances of gaining a seat tomorrow, Ms Ghahraman says she's not feeling too nervous about tomorrow.

"It's been okay because it's been nice not to have that great weight of campaigning. Now it's out of my hands and I've just sort of been waiting. It's been almost euphoric."

The special vote count will also determine who the next government will be with NZ First's Winston Peters set to make his decision on a possible coalition known.

Ms Ghahraman says she can understand why Mr Peter's would have been waiting for the special votes.

"It's been an extraordinary turnout on specials.

"They are really important and they're more important than ever before – they're the biggest lot so it will be interesting to see.

"What he's waiting for is the probability that National will lose a seat and the Labour/Green block will gain.

"So whether that's Labour and the Greens will be interesting to see and he's right to sort of bank on that - which he's doing."

The special vote count will be revealed at 2pm tomorrow.

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