It's 'unfair' for 65-year-olds to earn wage and get pension - Andrew Little

Labour leader Andrew Little has raised the prospect of introducing means testing for superannuation payouts.

Labour leader Andrew Little has raised the prospect of means-testing the pension. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Little made his unscripted criticism of current superannuation rules at a post-Budget breakfast this morning.

He said it's unfair that over-65s claim the pension while earning a wage, with superannuation set to cost the country $25 billion in the next 15 years.

A Labour Government would "have to have a look at" introducing means testing for superannuation, he said.

However, Mr Little's own MPs played down the prospect of the policy being introduced.

Former Labour leader Phil Goff said the party isn't considering the change.

Mr Little's office later told ONE News he was unavailable for a further interview.

Prime Minister John Key said that means testing superannuation would be "grossly unfair".

It would limit the quality of life of over-65s who choose to continue working, he said.