Issues of violence against women, consent aired following Grace Millane murder trial

If there's one person who knows the devastation of losing a daughter to murder, it's Mark Longley.

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Messages of violence against women and consent are being talked about following the case. Source: 1 NEWS

He's been following the trial of Grace Millane closely, and can't believe violence towards women hasn't improved.

"It's just not getting any better, we need to act, we need to stop tolerating it" he says.

Emily Longley was killed by her boyfriend seven years ago.

Grace Millane's death has sparked a much needed conversation about violence against women, as well as the issue of consent.

Rob McCann from White Ribbon, an organsation against violence towards women, says it's concerning some men don't understand consent simply.

"They think that buying a drink and having it accepted in a pub means consent or that they said yes yesterday and that means yes today," he says.

A big factor in the issue of consent - accessibilty to hardcore pornograhy. That's according to research from White Ribbon.

"It has increased amounts of violence in it so what our kids are seeing is sexual relationships and behaviour that isn't real," McCann says.

Mr Longley says it creates a false reality, which is leading to death of young women in some cases. He also says victim blaming needs to stop.

"When my daughter was murdered, everyone was looking for a reason to blame her. Everybody made up rumours, it has to stop."