ISIS key talking point of PM's historic Kuwait visit

John Key has wrapped up his tour of the Middle East this week by becoming the first New Zealand Prime Minister to visit Kuwait.

The visit comes 25 years on from the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein. At the time New Zealand contributed medical supplies and transport to a US-led coalition against Saddam.

Today Emir Al-Sabah, the ruler of Kuwait, met with Mr Key for talks that focused on trade and regional security.

Mr Key says that during the meeting New Zealand was thanked and praised for making a contribution to what was known at the time as Operation Desert Storm.

Also high on the list of talking points was ISIS.

While Kuwait has avoided the strife and terrorism of other parts of the Middle East, it's still very worried about the spread of ISIS. Mr Key says the Emir was concerned about the number of foreign fighters leaving Kuwait to help with ISIS.

Meanwhile, John Key is defending his achievements on trade from this trip despite not being able to secure the much coveted Free Trade with the six Gulf states, with Saudi Arabia still the one hold out.

However, he says the face time with leaders will be very valuable in time to come and real progress was made with the Saudis.

John Key has arrived in Kuwait as part of his Middle East tour Source: 1 NEWS