Is this NZ's dumbest thief? CCTV films man allegedly stealing pre-school's cameras

Police are investigating the apparent theft of security cameras at a Christchurch pre-school which saw the alleged perpetrator's actions caught on the system he tampered with.

Police are seeking a man who allegedly took security cameras from a Christchurch pre-school at the weekend. Source: 1 NEWS

The incident occurred at the Casa Dei Bambini centre in Richmond on Sunday.

After checking out the children's germinating sunflower seeds, the man uses climbing reels to reach up and unscrew two security cameras, actions that were recorded on the CCTV system.

Another two cameras were allegedly removed the following evening.

The Caucasian-looking man, who had close-cropped hair and sunglasses on his head, had a number of tattoos covering both his arms.

Christchurch police say they are investigating the incident and are following lines of inquiry with regards to the man in the video.