Is Cadbury facing a chocolate boycott?

Kiwi chocolate lovers are not impressed with Cadbury's decision to reduce the size of its family block range, with many taking to ONE News' Facebook page to voice their bitter disapproval.

The popular sweet treat will soon be shrinking - but the cost will stay the same. Source: 1 NEWS

The confectionary giant announced today it was changing its family block range from 220g to 200g. It says manufacturing costs forced it to choose between increasing the price to retailers or change the size.

The change has not impressed many on ONE News' Facebook page, with hundreds threatening to boycott Cadbury for its New Zealand owned rival Whittaker's.

"Why buy chocolate that isn't Whittaker's anyway? Whittaker's is the better tasting, better value, and New Zealand owned," posted Oliver Ibbetson.

Helen Knight says Cadbury already leaves her cold.

"Cadbury left a bitter taste in my mouth when they put palm oil into and changed the recipe I know they changed it back but it ruined the taste for me for ever love Whittaker's."

However, some say Cadbury is still the cheapest.

"Cadbury is better value than Whittaker's as they are $3.30 at Pak N Save and countdown is $4.80 for a 250 g block of chocolate. I would buy Cadbury as its cheaper than Whittaker's," posted Carlwyn Davies.

Chocolate consumers are being urged to compare prices and make up their own minds.

"They can always look at the unit pricing and that's meant to be there to help consumers make comparisons between one product and another, so chocolate is probably a really good thing to do," says Consumer NZ's Sue Chetwin.

A spokesperson for Cadbury told ONE News that "we know that people will not be happy about getting less chocolate".

"But we are maintaining what is most important - the taste and quality hasn't changed," said Adelle Keely.

Cadbury says the size change will come into effect in a few months' time.