Investigation underway after two engine 'abnormalities' in quick succession on Air New Zealand Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes

Authorities have announced an investigation is underway after engine "abnormalities" on two separate Air New Zealand flights in the space of two days saw two flights forced to return to Auckland shortly after take-off.

The engine issues both happened on Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes flying out of Auckland bound for international destinations.

The first was an Air New Zealand flight headed for Narita, Japan on Tuesday morning, where the crew shut down an engine and returned to Auckland shortly after take-off.

Last night another Air New Zealand 787, headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina, experienced an engine issue shortly after leaving Auckland and was also forced to return.

In a statement released today the Transport Accident Investigation Commission say they've opened inquiries into both events, with investigators having been on the ground in Auckland since Tuesday.

The commission say they're working closely with Air New Zealand, the Civil Aviation Authority and engine-manufacturer for Boeing Dreamliners Rolls Royce.

Dreamliner Source: 1 NEWS

Raw video: The shocking moment an empty body bag goes flying out of an Auckland hearse

An Auckland driver has been shocked to see a body bag fall out of a hearse and roll through a busy intersection. 

NZ Herald reported the driver at first thought there was a body inside the bag, however Davis Funerals managing director Craig Little said it was empty at the time.

Dashcam footage shows the hearse turning around a corner, closely followed by the body bag wheeling across the intersection. The hearse driver stops quickly and is seen hurrying to return the bag to safety.

"We have a vinyl square pillow to lay people's head and at the foot-end of that stretcher there is a metal bar that can look like people's feet," Mr Little told the Herald. 

He thought the driver failed to close the boot properly. 

The incident happened yesterday between Sandringham Rd and Balmoral Rd near Mount Albert. 

The driver who filmed the incident, who did not want to be named, said he was "a bit shocked" to see the bag "flying through the intersection". 


'They kept asking me who is she, why is she doing this?' – father in Auckland road rage ordeal reveals toll on daughters

The Auckland father at the centre of the road rage incident in which a woman implied he did not know the New Zealand road laws because of his Chinese heritage has spoken of the impact the barrage had on his children.

Eric Ng was driving his two daughters to school yesterday morning in Flat Bush, Auckland, when, while stopped at an intersection, a woman in the car in front got out of her vehicle to exchange words following a difficult lane merge.

"Hey, don't yell at me mate, I'm a New Zealand citizen, I was born here, alright," the woman said to Mr Ng during an ugly tirade at his van window.

Mr Ng had his two daughters in the back seat at the time, as he drove them to Mission Heights Primary.

"They will subconsciously think that some people can just walk up and question you, even if you haven't done anything wrong, obviously," Mr Ng told 1 NEWS NOW.

"Yeah, they're a bit upset, they keep asking me 'who is she? why is she doing this?'.

"Don't worry too much I say, I will explain to you after school, nothing to worry, so I have to comfort them when I dropped them off at school because they will think it is a bit sudden to them for some people to just walk up in the middle of the road and question them."

Mr Ng was however proud of how his daughters reacted to being questioned by the woman during her criticism at their van window.

"Have you got your seatbelt on? No you haven't," the woman said to Mr Ng's daughters.

But one of them quickly replied: "Yep, I have."

This address to his children was the most distressing part of the altercation, said Mr Ng.

"I think why are you question my kids without my permission?" Mr Ng said.

"It's good my kids have the confidence to reply to her and say 'yeah, I have my seatbelt on'.

"It's really quite disturbing because I've lived in New Zealand for quite a long time. I've lived here for 23 years, longer than I've lived in any other country."

Eric Ng had his daughters in the back seat when an angry Auckland motorist wrongly accused him of not being a NZ citizen due to his Chinese heritage. Source: 1 NEWS