Investigation underway after member of the public books room, enters Covid-19 hotel

A woman was able to enter a managed isolation facility in Auckland after booking a room to stay there, despite the hotel housing international arrivals.

The Auckland Airport Novotel. Source: 1 NEWS

The member of the public had entered the Novotel Airport Hotel at 8.34pm on Monday, a managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) spokesperson confirmed to 1 NEWS today.

She had booked a room through a third-party system, which was cancelled by the hotel - but the woman said she wasn't told.

She was able to enter the lobby and reception area of the hotel despite it being used to house people isolating after arriving from overseas, as part of the country's Covid-19 precautions.

The MIQ spokesperson says the woman was wearing a face mask and sanitised her hands before leaving.

"At no time did the individual come into contact with any guests, nor did they touch any surfaces. This has been confirmed with CCTV footage," the spokesperson says.

"Standard Covid-19 procedures were followed by staff who were in contact with the individual."

The incident has been deemed as low public health risk by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service, but the woman has been asked to monitor her health for the next 14 days as a precaution.

The woman had attended a conference at Butterfly Creek, one of around 15 attendees, Butterfly Creek manager John Dowsett told 1 NEWS.

He says other attendees have been told they don't need to self-isolate after the incident, but he's frustrated.

The slackness of security at managed isolation facilities is ruining businesses, Mr Dowsett says.

"How do people walk in and out of these facilities like that?" he says.

"It's a downside to businesses… You'd think they'd do their job more diligently". 

The MIQ spokesperson says the incident will be investigated.

"An investigation is underway following the incident and corrective action is currently being taken to prevent this type of incident occurring again."