Introducing the new toy spoiling Kiwis kids' Christmas, the Hatchimal: 'Rare as hen's teeth'


Some parents are doing the unfathomable, according to Trade Me, and selling off their child's prized Hatchimals as the market for the fluffy toy reaches boiling point.

The Christmas rush for the interactive toy has meant some parents have missed out and are turning to Trade Me for help.

But Trade Me's Logan Mudge says there "seems to be a worldwide shortage" and searches for the toy jumped 250 per cent in the past few weeks.

Hatchimals, according to their website, rely "on a child's curiosity" and respond to human touch.

The egg will hatch releasing the soft toy which learns to walk, talk and play games.

There are 60 Hatchimals advertised on Trade Me, some priced at $300 - three times the retail price.

Mr Mudge says Trade Me lets the "market decide what they're worth" and doesn't believe people have stockpiled the product, rather they might "enjoy a better Christmas" by selling an already purchased item.

Framers Toy Buyer, Stuart Gray, says the popularity of Hatchimals has been "absolutely phenomenal, we've been inundated with calls over the past few weeks".

Mr Gray says another 80 Hatchimals were released online yesterday and sold out within hours.

Framers have another 400 units ready to roll out over the next few days.

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