Internet usage surges 25% amid second day of nationwide lockdown

Internet usage has spiked 25 per cent following the second day of the nationwide lockdown.

The lockdown to control the coronavirus pandemic began at midnight on Wednesday. New Zealand so far has 368 confirmed and probable cases of Covid-19, with 76 new confirmed cases and nine new probable cases announced today.

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Chorus told 1 NEWS usage peaked last night at 2.84 terrabytes per second. Source: 1 NEWS

Chorus, which provides the internet network for all of the country's providers, told 1 NEWS that yesterday was their biggest night on record for internet use, peaking at 2.84 terrabytes per second.

Internet usage surged by 25 per cent as Kiwis worked from home or school, or turned to platforms such as Netflix and FaceTime to keep in touch and stay entertained during the self-isolation period.

Despite the increase, Chorus said they can cope with even more internet traffic than what is currently being used. However, the telecommunications provider believes internet use will dip in the coming days or week as New Zealanders settle into a new routine under lockdown.

Google is also providing a large amount of search requests. The top search request last night was for Prince Charles, who recently tested positive for coronavirus, as well as general searches for coronavirus symptoms and where to get tested.