Internet usage surged 34 per cent during second day of nationwide lockdown

Internet usage surged 34 per cent during the second day of the nationwide lockdown.

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Peak internet traffic on the Chorus network last night reached 3.03 terrabytes per second, according to Chorus, surpassing the previous peak of 2.84 terrabytes per second on Thursday.

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Chorus told 1 NEWS usage peaked last night at 2.84 terrabytes per second. Source: 1 NEWS

Internet usage throughout the country has increased as people rely on the internet to work from home and school, and to catch up and stay entertained during the lockdown.

The increase in peak traffic has also been attributed to an upgrade released for video game Call of Duty at around 7pm last night, Chorus said on their website.

Despite the increase in demand, the Chorus network said it continues to perform well with internet traffic expected to stabilise as people establish new routines during the lockdown.