Internet-Mana in show of solidarity at poverty policy launch

The Internet-Mana Party put on a united front at the launch of its poverty policy in South Auckland this evening.

Mana leader Hone Harawira, Internet Party leader Laila Harre and Kim Dotcom joined in a show of solidarity following days of tensions between the two groups. Mr Harawira and Ms Harre hugged each other when they arrived at the venue in Otara.

Internet-Mana says it will build 10,000 new state houses a year for the next three years, as well as reinstate Housing New Zealand as the sole manager of state housing.

Mr Harawira told the 100 people present the policy would be the biggest housing building programme in New Zealand for 50 years.

Internet-Mana also says it will renovate or replace existing state houses, fix rentals at 25% of income for tenants in state houses and will introduce low interest loans for Maori to help them get into their first house.

In addition to the housing announcements the party says it will create 100,000 new jobs and is calling for Government-funded breakfast and lunch in all decile one to four schools.

The show of solidarity came just a day after differences between the two parties were made obvious when an expletive-laden email from Mr Harawira was leaked to ONE News.

It showed him angrily rejecting an advertising campaign on decriminalising marijuana. The Mana leader was annoyed the same amount of money hadn't been put into his feed the kids policy.

This time round though, their message was exactly the same, Ms Harre telling the gathering, "Hone Harawira will win Te Tai Tokerau!"

Hone Harawira though wasn't shy about admitting there have been some inner-party rifts.

"Of course there's tension. How do you put Annette Skyes in a room with Laila Harre, John Minto Hone Harawira and not have tension. If everything went smoothly you'd all say 'what a boring bunch of people they might as well be National Party MPs.'"

Both sides are now clearly keen to put the cannabis conundrum behind them and focus on policy and moving forward - together.

Hone Harawira and Laila Harre were a united front as they posed for photos Source: 1 NEWS

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