'Insulting, demeaning and offensive to women' - Helen Clark's scathing assessment of media prodding into Jacinda Ardern's baby plans



Seven Sharp

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has described the questioning of new Labour leader Jacinda Ardern over her plans for a family as "insulting, demeaning and offensive to woman".

The former PM offered her feelings on unjust Jacinda Ardern baby scrutiny, ahead of the release of a doco on Clark’s own run for the UN.
Source: Seven Sharp

Ms Clark was talking to Seven Sharp's Toni Street while she was in the country promoting a new documentary following her run for the top job at the UN called My Year with Helen.

Asked her about whether she intends to weigh in more on the coming election, Ms Clark replied:

"I believe you have your run and then you stand back and let other people do it, but I did weigh in on what I considered a totally insulting, demeaning questioning of Jacinda Ardern."

"Why should you have to put up with questions like 'when, why, children'? This is outrageous and should not happen, and that tweet went absolutely viral."

The former leader was referring to the following tweet:

"Ridiculous in 21stC that #women in leadership positions are subjected to gender-based attacks. Are those who make them proud of themselves?"

Giving Toni Street a cheeky grin, Ms Clark didn't rule out commenting on the upcoming election again, if required.

"Let's see if I find anything insulting, demeaning and offensive to woman," Ms Clark said, smiling. 


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