Instagram generation's new swings in Christchurch get 'a straight 10' from swinging world record holder

New Zealand's world record holder for swinging has given Christchurch's new swings designed to attract the so called Instagram generation "a straight 10" out of 10.

Seven Sharp reported the new swings are an interactive art piece built on land that's currently vacant. Swings hang from two large steel frames which are on an angle.

Coralie Winn of Gap Filler says the swings called 'Chch Swing' have been built in a partnership between the organisation and Fletcher Living, "to try and create a sense of community before the buildings come to be built".

"This is 'ChCh Swing'. Created to have a frame around it. So it's quite Instagramable. So when you stand at a certain vantage point the two frames align and it looks like the people swinging are in a frame," Ms Winn explained.

"This is what came out of our conversations with Christchurch youth. They wanted a place to hang out, and they quite like places for Instagraming."

In April, Hawke's Bay teenager Charlie O'Brien swung on a swing for more than 33 hours to set a new world record.

He's in Christchurch to review the 'Chch Swing" and was asked to rate it for its use and aesthetic.

"I'd say a straight 10, right," he told Seven Sharp as he swung on the swing.

"So there's a nice frame around it. It uses the aesthetic of the world to tell its message, I like to think. It's like Mozart. It's message is love to the world, end war, I like to think," Charlie said, as his review became quite deep and meaningful.

But swings are all about fun and Charlie and friends will be using his weekend visit to Christchurch to host a "swinging party" and the new swings.

"We're going to have a big swinging party down here. Everyone can come along. There'll be candy floss and games and stuff."

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Seven Sharp reporter Mike Thorpe got into the swing of things. Source: Seven Sharp