Inspirational Taranaki woman helping community with op shop where the goods are free

A New Plymouth op shop owner says she gets paid in "happiness" as she celebrates a decade of helping locals out at her shop that gives items away.

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At Super Swop Stop customers leave with their arms and their hearts full. Source: Seven Sharp

Robyn Willis is the proud owner of Super Swop Stop in Taranaki, a place where people can get not only clothes and shoes but also toys, fresh produce and baking.

No money changes hands, as Willis operates out of her carport. She takes in donated goods and gives them away to the community.

"How it works is, if you've got clothes to donate that's awesome, but if you've got nothing, because many who need things don't have anything to donate. That's sweet, it's proof you need to be here," she says.

It's been 10 years of carrying boxes from under her house, to her carport.

"I set it up every day so it doesn't get wet and looks nice for people," Willis says.

While Willis suffers from multiple sclerosis and is on a sickness benefit, she doesn't allow her condition to hold her back, filling her days getting paid in other ways.

"It's their happiness that's my payment."

"Just knowing there are people out there who appreciate what I do. The happiness of seeing people I can help."

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