Inside Parliament opinion: Was Jacinda Ardern’s call to freeze MPs' pay a reaction to recent strikes?

On Monday the Prime Minister announced a pay freeze on MPs' salaries after the Remuneration Authority recommended a 3 per cent pay increase.

In this week's edition of Inside Parliament, 1 NEWS political reporter Maiki Sherman and 1 NEWS reporter Mei Heron give their opinions on the Government's move.

Maiki Sherman says:

"Critics would say it is linked to the strikes that have plagued the Government over the last few months but my personal view is I don’t think that that is the case. I think Labour would have taken this position either way."

Mei Heron says:

"The Government campaigned on bringing down that gap between the rich and the poor and considering Jacinda Ardern has put herself in that upper end it's really important they show that they are making moves to try and reduce that gap."

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