Inside Parliament: Online shopping 'Amazon-tax' an easy revenue generator for the government

This week on the Inside Parliament podcast, the 1 NEWS political team take a look at the government's new so-called "Amazon-tax" which places 15 per cent GST to online purchases from outside New Zealand.

Political reporter Katie Bradford, and avid online shopper herself, says it's an easy tax for the government to generate some revenue. 

"National was looking at doing it as well. I guess it's the details of how they actually do it, and if it's going to work and make a difference that's interesting," Bradford said.

The government's offical line is the Amazon-tax will level the playing field for local retailers.

1 NEWS Political Editor Jessica Mutch and Political Reporters Katie Bradford & Andrea Vance discuss fuel taxes, Amazon tax and the budget. Source: 1 NEWS

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The 1 NEWS Political team look at the so-called "Amazon Tax" which will hit online shoppers. Source: 1 NEWS