Inside Parliament: New Zealand's overcrowded prisons 'haven't changed' in decades – 1987 news item illustrates

In the latest episode of Inside Parliament, the 1 NEWS political team show how New Zealand's overcrowded prisons are hardly a new problem, after discovering an eerily familiar news track from 1987.

Political Editor Jessica Mutch and political reporter Katie Bradford watched the old news piece about crowded prison cells in Hamilton, and how Corrections were resorting to using police station cells to house inmates. 

"Thirty years on and we've added in a working group to the mix," Mutch said.

"But I always find it fascinating with these historic clips that we get up just how familiar they are, how the questions are the same.

"Usually the characters are different but not always. Perhaps not with Winston Peters. But it's just kind of interesting, asking the same questions, doing the same things. We can learn a lot from history."

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1NEWS’ Jessica Mutch and Katie Bradford discuss a 1987 news piece reporting on overcrowded prisons. Source: 1 NEWS